Why Does People Like Lotus Candle

Lotus birthday candle is one of the most impressive birthday candles. The average search amount of it is over 10,000. How does it work? And why do so many people like it?

A lotus flower candle is a kind of mechanical candle. Once you light the middle, a sparkler flame will erupt out and and the plastic flower will open to reveal the candles attached to the flower petals. Then It will gradually open like a real blooming flower, rotating and singing music.

People like it for many reasons:

  • Fresh color. Parparty lotus candle has five colors: yellow, red, purple,blue and pink. Once lit by the candles in the darkness, the lotus candle create a fantastic atmosphere.

  • Innovative design. With petals gradually open, it starts rotating and playing music. It is like a mini show you can’t stop watching.

  • Lovely shape. No matter in which culture, lotus is loved by many people. It is entrusted with many beautiful feelings.

Chinese people's love for lotus has a very long history. China is also the first country who create lotus candle. With rich experience, Parparty continuously improve the lotus candle making craft, which makes it more beautiful and safer.