Why Do We Put Candles on A Birthday Cake

Life requires a ritual that makes simple days different. Birthday is an important day for every one. On that day, we will light birthday candles to make a wish and blow all of them out in one breath. Why do we put candles on a birthday cake?

colorful flaming candles.jpgPutting a candle on birthday cakes is a very long tradition,which can be dated back to the Ancient Greek. The Greek people use this way to pay tribute to the Greek moon goddess, Artemis. The round cakes represented the moon, with candles representing moonlight.

Later, as time went by, because of the love of children, the ancient Greeks always loved to put cakes and other things on the table when they celebrated their children’s birthday and add a new activity, which is to “blow out these burning candles.”  They believe that the burning candle has a mysterious power. If the child makes a wish on one’s birthday silently and then blows out all the candles in one breath, the good wishes of the child will be realized.

There is another lend. Europeans in the Middle Ages believed that birthday is the day when the soul is most easily invaded by demons, so on the birthday, friends and relatives will gather together to give blessings, and send cakes to bring good luck to expel demons. The birthday cake was originally only qualified by the king, but it has been passed down to now, whether it is an adult or a child, you can buy a beautiful cake on your birthday and enjoy the blessings of everyone.

Today, more and more people are accepting this ritual. Birthday candles also have richer forms like magic relighting candle, lotus candle, music candle, colorful flaming candle, number/letter candle and sparkler birthday candles. These differently shaped candles add a lot of wonderful and warm atmosphere to our birthday. Have you heard of lotus candle? It gradually blooms like a real lotus with music singing at the same time(as shown in the following video).