Why Do We Blow Out Birthday Candles After Making A Wish

Why do we blow out birthday party candles on your birthday? For birthday candles, there is a saying that the custom first began in ancient Greece. In ancient Greece, Artemis, the goddess of the moon, was worshipped and celebrated her birthday every year. On the altar, there are cakes made of flour and honey filled with lighted happy birthday candles. They likened the light of the cake candle to the lustre of the moon to express their special admiration for the goddess of the moon. Later, when the ancient Greeks celebrated their children’s birthday, they also liked to put cakes on the table, insert a lot of Tall Birthday Candles lit on the cake, and added the content of blowing out the candles. They believed that the burning candle had some magical secret power, and when the birthday man made a silent wish in his heart and he could blow out all the candles in one breath, then his wish would come true. The custom has spread to modern times and has become popular in many countries.

happy birthday candle.jpg

Nowadays, there are more and more candles are available for birthday party. Among them, safety candles are the first choice. The birthday candle produced by Parparty uses 100% paraffin wax as raw material, adding a small amount of additive and take pure cotton candle wick. Parparty birthday candle is dripping less, no smoke, environmental protection and healthy. In addition to the classic birthday candles, there are magic relighting birthday candles for sale, music lotus candles in bulk, number and letter birthday candles wholesale and so on. In addition, we can also customize different shapes of candles according to the needs of customers. 

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