The Difference Between Parparty Paraffin Candles and Soy Candles For Sale

Wholesale Candles Manufacturer tell you that candles can bring romance, aftertaste and warmth to your home. However, many widely used candles are made of paraffin wax which is extracted from petroleum, chemical fractions, and petroleum charcoal black. Candles made from natural soy wax tend to burn cleaner and last longer. Other candles containing beeswax and palm wax are generally safer than paraffin wax candles wholesale.

The following brief summary compares the differences between paraffin and soy wax pillar candles for sale:

On the table: paraffin wax candles release chemicals that can overpower the aroma of food. The tasteless soy candle burns longer and does not interfere with the smell or taste of the food you eat.

soy wax.jpg

In terms of energy sustainability: unlike paraffin extracted from non-renewable oil, soy wax is a renewable resource. From the point of view of energy use, choose brands that use sustainable soy wax cultivation, if possible.

Air quality: all-natural soy candles burn cleaner and produce far less soot than paraffin wax. This gives your home a better overall air quality.

Cleanliness: Soybean is biodegradable, so if splashed on a tablecloth or clothing, it tends to be easier to clean than paraffin wax.

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Combustion: Soy wax pillar candles usually burn cleaner than paraffin wax; Candles made of beeswax and palm wax also produce less smoke than paraffin wax. In addition, many paraffin candles contain synthetic spices and dyes that emit harmful particles when heated, the Daily Mail reported.

Recycling: Soy wax candles are non-toxic, renewable and recyclable. In addition, you can reuse soy candles in glass containers, that is the beautiful soy wax jar candle.