Why Does People Like Lotus Candle

Lotus birthday candle is one of the most impressive birthday candles. The average search amount of it is over 10,000. How does it work? And why do so many people like it? A lotus flower candle is a kind of mechanical candle. Once you light the middle, a sparkler flame will erupt out and and the plastic flower will open to reveal the candles attached to th...

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Why Do We Put Candles on A Birthday Cake

Life requires a ritual that makes simple days different. Birthday is an important day for every one. On that day, we will light birthday candles to make a wish and blow all of them out in one breath. Why do we put candles on a birthday cake? Putting a candle on birthday cakes is a very long tradition,which can be dated back to the Ancient Greek. The Greek...

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Parparty Provides Candle Wholesale in All kinds

In terms of texture, candles can be divided into beeswax, plant wax and paraffin wax candles. According to the function, candles can be divided into shape candle and normal candles. The shape candles do not emphasize the fragrance, but the household white candles for sale add essence or essential oil, and they are divided into man...

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Customized Craft Candle Brings Beauty and Romance to Life

Parparty Candle Industry Co., Ltd. is the professional candle manufacturer, mainly engaged in the production of all kinds of candles wholesale. The candle has always been a symbol of light and hope, and when remembering candle, there is the shinning lights in the dark. Custom Shape Candles bring us not only light, but also romance...

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Why Do We Blow Out Birthday Candles After Making A Wish

Why do we blow out birthday party candles on your birthday? For birthday candles, there is a saying that the custom first began in ancient Greece. In ancient Greece, Artemis, the goddess of the moon, was worshipped and celebrated her birthday every year. On the altar, there are cakes made of flour and honey filled with lighted happy birthday can...

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Letter Candles /Number Candles

MOQ: 20 carton

Material:paraffin wax

Wick:100% cotton



Candle Weight (max):10g per piece

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Spiral Birthday Candle Bulk

Material: paraffin wax

Desc:0pcs Magis Spiral candles

Size: D4*H60mm

Craft: non

Packing: 12packs/inner box,576packs/outer ctn

MOQ: 1000packs

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Magic Relighting Candles Supplier

MOQ: 20 cartons

Material:Paraffin wax

Usage:Birthday party ,memorial days etc

Color: sweet candy color

Packing:Plastic bag , PVC box, Blister card,Opp bag,Paper box etc

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Color Flame Candle Low Price

MOQ: 20 Cartons

Flame colour: Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue or as customers’ needs

Candle size:2-10 cm

Shape:Non-rotating flower or rotating flower

Burning time:1-5 Hours

Packing: 24 pcs / box or as your like

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Wholesale Music Candle China

MOQ:20 Cartons

Shape: lotus,rose chrysanthemum

Size: 6*14cm,any size and flower type we can do it.

Feature: Music, Rotating and non-Rotating, firework

Color:Red, Blue,Yellow,Pink,Purple,White, Rainbow

Candle pcs:8 or 14

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