Parparty Provides Candle Wholesale in All kinds

In terms of texture, candles can be divided into beeswax, plant wax and paraffin wax candles.

According to the function, candles can be divided into shape candle and normal candles. The shape candles do not emphasize the fragrance, but the household white candles for sale add essence or essential oil, and they are divided into many categories.

Tealight candle is about 3 ~ 4 centimeters in diameter and is packed in metal containers. Scented tea lights supplied by Parparty have various colors on the market, but it is the most common in white. It is known as tealight candle in early Europe because of its use in afternoon tea kettle. Now it is not limited to use and is often used to light essential oils and for incense.

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Votive Candles is originally white and tasteless candles for religious ceremonies. There are many colors and scented candles. They can burn completely in small diameters.This religious candle hot sale is best to be used with a candle cup. It is recommended that a little water be added to the candle cup first which helps to clean up the remaining wax oil after burning.

Taper Candles is essential for romantic western meal in order to create an atmosphere, usually light or no flavor, so as not to snatch the delicious aroma. Scented taper candle is better use with dishes such as eating lamb chops when you can order rosemary flavor; fish seafood can use lemon grass candle.

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Pillar candle is a columnar candle that does not require containers to stand on its own, including square, round, polygonal, etc. The candle core varies with size from one to several, preferably with a spacer at the bottom of the flame. As long as master the gold ratio of 3 "6" 6 "9" inch, you can show the elegant atmosphere in the magazine. When lighting multiple pillar candles, keep about 5 centimeters apart from each other to prevent the flame heat from melting adjacent candles. When burning left about 5 centimeters, it is best to put it out and not to use it to avoid danger.

Specialty Candles wins by appearance, in addition to creating atmosphere, beautiful appearance also lets many people buy as decoration. Each festival has a related theme modeling candles, but because of the emphasis on appearance, there is usually no fragrant shaped candles.