Why Does People Like Lotus Candle

Lotus candle is deeply loved by many people worldwide. Do you know why? Parparty lotus birthday candle tells you top three factors and let’s see how it blooms like a real flower.

18-Mar-2019 | Parpartycandle

Why Do We Put Candles on A Birthday Cake

Putting a candle on a birthday cake has been a long tradition. What’s the origin of lighting candles on birthday cakes? Birthday candle has more and more beautiful shapes. What are they? Learn more here!

14-Mar-2019 | Parpartycandle

What’s The Meaning of of Lighting A Candle in Catholic Church

Lighting a candle in catholic church has rich meaning. What are they? Parparty church candle list some for you, mainly for symbolism and prayer. More specific uses to find here!

07-Mar-2019 | Parpartycandle

How to Use Tea Light Candles

Tealight candl e(also coffee candle, warm tea candle, etc.)  is of small size and long burning time, which is essential for western families. Paraffin wax tealight can...

09-Oct-2018 | Parpartycandle

The Difference Between Parparty Paraffin Candles and Soy Candles For Sale

Wholesale Candles Manufacturer tell you that candles can bring romance, aftertaste and warmth to your home. However, many widely used candles are made of paraffin wax which is extracted f...

08-Oct-2018 | Parpartycandle

The Exporting Prospect of Parparty Candle Is Broad

Candles are an indispensable product in religious civilization, and religious candles wholesale also account for a large share of the performance of candle manufacturers. However, many candle ...

30-Sep-2018 | Parpartycandle

Parparty Provides Candle Wholesale in All kinds

In terms of texture, candles can be divided into beeswax, plant wax and paraffin wax candles. According to the function, candles can be divided into shape candle and normal candles. The s...

29-Sep-2018 | Parpartycandle

Customized Craft Candle Brings Beauty and Romance to Life

Parparty Candle Industry Co., Ltd. is the professional candle manufacturer, mainly engaged in the production of all kinds of candles wholesale. The candle has always been a symbol of...

28-Sep-2018 | Parpartycandle

Why Do We Blow Out Birthday Candles After Making A Wish

Why do we blow out birthday party candles on your birthday? For birthday candles, there is a saying that the custom first began in ancient Greece. In ancient Greece, Artemis, the goddess ...

27-Sep-2018 | Parpartycandle

Scented Candles Wholesale Brings A Sense of Life Ritual

The fragrant smell can be external or internal. For many people, the night time is extremely precious. Turn off the lights, put a song, and light the favorite highly scented candles, the ...

26-Sep-2018 | Parpartycandle