Wholesale Music Candle China

Wholesale Music Candle China

Wholesale Music Candle China

MOQ:20 Cartons

Shape: lotus,rose chrysanthemum

Size: 6*14cm,any size and flower type we can do it.

Feature: Music, Rotating and non-Rotating, firework

Color:Red, Blue,Yellow,Pink,Purple,White, Rainbow

Candle pcs:8 or 14

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Introduction of Music flower birthday candle

The new multifunctional birthday candles are designed by Parparty Candle Company. This musical flower candle is a great way to spice up any birthday. After it's lit, the bud unfolds like a blooming lotus, and play the Happy Birthday melodies automatically. Lotus birthday candle is Eco-friendly to bring you a warm and romantic birthday.


Application of Singing birthday candle

Flower Birthday Candle is a perfect birthday gift for yourself and your friends and relatives. This music candle has elegant outlook, easy-taking size and package, so it is loved by children. Parparty music birthday candle uses new 100% high retardant material, so the candles can stop burning automatically and safty for food so as to be widely used in birthday cake together with spiral birthday candle.

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How to use musical flower candle:

1.Take out stick from box and light up stick by lighter

2.Use stick to touch gently the red dot at a horizontal angle of 45 degree and colorful fireworks will spurt out, then automatically lit candles, mosaic slowly open automatically and played the birthday song

3.Please blew out the flames before the candles unburned-out. If want to stop the music, with a small pair of scissors to cut a small copper wire at the top of candles