Letter Candles /Number Candles

Letter Candles /Number Candles

Letter Candles /Number Candles

MOQ: 20 carton

Material:paraffin wax

Wick:100% cotton



Candle Weight (max):10g per piece

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Introduction of Number Birthday Candles 

What is a birthday cake without candles? Celebrate your special occasion or event with our unique birthday candles perfect for decorating any celebration cake. All number candles for cakes and letter candles are non toxic, drip-less and smokeless providing a super high quality cake candles you can trust. We can customize letter candles and number candles by various colors, patterns and materials. Advancec filling and spray painting technology to make our candles more high-end. Find other kinds of birthday candles here.

Application of Letter Candles

Number candles for cakes decoration makes a great addition to a special birthday dessert or birthday cake. The cake candles is the perfect cake topper for your special birthday!

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